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Mega Underground Bike Park

Mega Underground Bike Park is a one-of-a-kind underground bike trail in Louisville, Kentucky. Spanning 320.000 square feet, with over 45 trails, Jump Lines, Pump Tracks, BMX, Cross Country and Single Track, the park is entirely located 100 feet or 10 stories below the ground!

The bike park is one of the many attractions at Louisville Mega Cavern, a man-made, privately-owned limestone cavern that encompasses an area of 100 acres beneath the streets of Louisville. Founded by Ralph Rogers in the 1930s, the cavern is currently used as a business park, entertainment center, and tourist attraction.

All set for a soft opening in early February, the bike park will be the nation’s first underground mountain bike course, and the largest indoor park ever built. In fact, it is nearly twice the size of America’s current largest indoor park – Ray’s Indoor Bike Park in Cleveland, Ohio.



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Rotonda de la bicicleta (Cabezón de la Sal).

La céntrica rotonda de la Plaza de la Paz en la localidad cántabra de Cabezón de la Sal alberga un monumento a la bicicleta realizado en madera, con ruedas de carro. Decora la rotonda también una fuente y diversas plantas aromática, como romero y lavanda.

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Llave allen, mi martillo de Thor.

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New York City is arguably the originator of what has been marketed, packaged and sold as “messenger style.” From alleycats, to messenger bags, a lot of the visual references really took hold in NYC during the 90’s. Many of the faces and names are still in the game today.

Messengers Style is a visual showcase that illustrates what people rode and looked like in the NYC messenger community during the 90’s. This book is one that’s eluded my private collection for some time, until recently, and for those who haven’t been able to acquire a physical copy, there’s a scanned copy at Stampsy. Who needs Vogue’s interpretation of this? This is the real deal.


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With banana seat.


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monstertrack V – 2004 – pov by lucas brunelle

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No More Inner Tubes? How To Get Home.

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QUEMACOCHES. latin garage hardcore indie lo-fi punk from Rosario.


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