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Tall bike plegable ¡!



Vélo = bici, en francés. Vistas en el muy recomendable blog de Brenton Salo, donde hay muy buenas fotos del mundillo fixie en Portland.

More self-promotion

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Slaughterama 7 – extraños ritos

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Photos by Tod Seelie “Ojo” con estos eventos… Un sarao de estas características tendría gran acogida en Madrid. Frente al palacio real podría ser un buen lugar. SLAUGHTERAMA 7


Other Great Vintage Bicycling Sites Information, photographs, community, and more! Vintage T-shirts Vintage Bike Catalogs Vintage Musettes (feed bags) Original Campagnolo Timeline Original Mavic Timeline 1975 Peter Johnson Monthly Rose

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Dedicated to Lightweight Vintage Bicycles, circa 1900~1983. The purpose of this not-for-profit site is to encourage those interested in enjoying and preserving vintage lightweight “racing” style bicycles of the period

Bike books, by the little leg (free)

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Free pdf download available here:

Goofy in ‘Motor Mania’ (1950)

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Cycling in the Netherlands in the 1950s

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Los Niños Estelares – Deja el carro

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TCHIC BOUM BOUM vélo sound system

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Preview your bike design dreams in the builder above. Beneath you can calculate gear inches and skid patches from adjusting the cog and chainring sizes. 70 gear inches will give

So Many Designs, So Little Space…

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So Many Designs, So Little Space… whymcycles

Kunstrad 2009 Oliver Gronbach/Daniel Gronbach

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