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Part of a 50-foot tall, 30,000 tonne steel sculpture that dominates the A64 autoroute rest stop near Tarbes, France. Within sight of the Pyrenees, this installation celebrates the savage hauls that Tour rider endure over many of the nearby mountain cols during the world largest sporting event.

The Cat on a bike is a sculpture made by artist Alain Séchas entitled “La Cycliste” that was ordered by the city of Brussels in 2005 for the sum of 100 000 €.

A bike rack sculpture in St. Annes-on-Sea town centre.

Olympic Museum Lausanne Switzerland

Cyclist sculpture by Jose Chora, located at 9th Street & Haven Avenue in Ocean City, New Jersey. This marks the gateway to the Haven Avenue Bike Path, which runs from 9th to 34th Street. Installed in spring 2008.

Bike Ride sculpture at Clinch Park, Michigan

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