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The Cannes Lions Press Grand Prix for 2015 has gone to “Never Stop Riding”, a campaign developed for The Public Bike System of Buenos Aires. “Never Stop Riding” brings awareness to Buenos Aires’ public bicycle system and its new automated system that includes an expansion of locations and hours of operation. The campaign is running in print and on outdoor billboards throughout Buenos Aires and is supported by advertisements on the wheels of the program’s bicycles. To communicate the new 24-hour availability of the bikes, the campaign uses illustrations to portray the wheels of a bike as partners in a constant chase – a baby chasing a breast, a dog chasing its tail, moths chasing a light bulb, and a squirrel chasing a chestnut. Each ad incorporates a hand-drawn typeface for the tagline, “The Buenos Aires Public Bike System Now Runs 24/7,” further evoking the movement of a bicycle chain. The Never Stop Riding campaign, developed at La Comunidad, also won two Gold Press Lions.

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