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One Day in Mexico: Part 1 – Rural Rollercoaster

Lucas Brunelle and Safa leave Mexico City and ride through the state of Mexico on a gruelling day ride.
In part 1 they head out of the city and tackle a lot of climbing (which has been edited out to spare you their pain), before flying down some gnarly descents littered with potholes around every corner.
These aren’t your usual minute and a half fixie edits. One Day in Mexico was created for those who know what it is like to ride out of Mexico City and back again. Beautiful, dangerous and addictive.

One Day In Mexico: Part 2 – Flying

Lucas and Safa are pretty beat after plenty of climbing and rough roads. They draft and tow off vehicles as where possible to save energy. After skitching a truck up the final climb the finally get some respite as the drop back towards the city starts.
Though not advisable, if you want to know how to hit 80 km/h on a track bike, this is how you do it.

One Day In Mexico: Part 3 – The Descent

After the last few kilometres of highway, Safa leads Lucas onto what is becoming a legendary descent in Mexico City, Avenida Constituyentes. Gone are the forests and open road. For twelve minutes, captured in one continuous shot, the two are constantly surrounded by vehicles as they re enter the city, never letting the pace ease up.
This is Mexico City, you can’t ride like this anywhere else.
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