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TCHIC BOUM BOUM vélo sound system

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Preview your bike design dreams in the builder above. Beneath you can calculate gear inches and skid patches from adjusting the cog and chainring sizes. 70 gear inches will give

So Many Designs, So Little Space…

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So Many Designs, So Little Space… whymcycles

Kunstrad 2009 Oliver Gronbach/Daniel Gronbach

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NYPD Confiscates Bicycles On Earthday

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CARtoons, by Andy Singer

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Solo 12 $ en amazon ANDY SINGER


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jajajaaaaaa Here’s a fun jab at fixed-gear riders from a somewhat snobby, but funny, road-bike aficionado. I know you don’t understand… How could I spend 5 grand on a bike?


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Bike tattoos

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Bicycle tattoos (flickr)

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Tanganas de ayer…

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Bike jerks …y de hoy

Space required to transport 60 people (alives)

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Chiks and bikes

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Fotografías de bikes & girls

Película “La bicicleta”, de Sigfrid Monleón.

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Una misma bicicleta que pasa por diferentes manos sirve para contar tres historias que corresponden a tres etapas en la vida de las personas: la preadolescencia, la juventud y la