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Velocipede patent drawing by C.E. Dayton 10/26/1869

Public bikes (En inglés)

We’re excited to celebrate the launch of our new limited edition Chrome PUBLIC D1 and PUBLIC D7 city bikes, with one of our favorite clothing companies Betabrand. For a limited

The evolution of road racing bicycles frames

Sliders™ – The World’s Most Easy 1 sec Folding Skate Bike

1/ 6-Speed Shimano transmission 2/ Comfortable Foam Saddle and Grip 3/ leather Aluminum Chain Cover 4/ Adjustable folding Stem 5/ Vintage City Tires with wide 20″ Rim 6/ Carbon Steel

Un casco para bloquear la rueda de tu bicicleta. (En inglés)

If you use your bicycle as your primary means of conveyance to class, work, or any other commitments, you may be tired of toting your lock and taking your helmet

Very Special Things

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No todas las bicicletas deben ser tubulares

Designer deconstructs a bicycle then lets a 3D printer put it back together again

Inspired by the bicycle freewheel, the wheel on this 3D-printed piece moves ‘forward’ when the hand crank is turned ‘forward’ and the wheel continues to rotate when the hand crank

ICE BIKE The worlds first bike with wheels made of ICE