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Raiooo, cargo bike con pedaleo eléctrico asistido. Fotos y video.

From hauling groceries and kids, to getting drunk friends safely home, the cargo bike is extremely useful in urban situations and occupies a special place in many TreeHuggers’ hearts. And


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“No ser vistos”, es una de las principales causas de accidentes de ciclistas. HAZTEVISIBLE, la primera señalización inalámbrica con control remoto para ciclistas. Desde ahora tu seguridad como ciclista cambiará,

The Unstealable Bike by Yerka Project (Prototype) – Teaser

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Solid Bikes by Industry & Ti Cycles

Solid Bike – Product Concept
Solid is inspired by the diverse beauty and soul of Portland, OR. From the urban energy of East Burnside to the raw beauty of Forest Park, the Solid bike captures the essence of the city and the best of both worlds – hand-built craft and modern manufacturing. Leveraging Ti Cycles’ 25 years of working with titanium, Industry utilized their signature ‘Super Commuter’ platform. The criteria for this platform is a titanium frame and sub-assemblies for its light weight and strong properties, belt drive for high durability, internal geared hub for effortless shifting, disc brakes, Dynamo for electronics, fenders, and internal wiring. Industry redefined the bike gesture by pushing the boundaries of the material and frame design. In order to make it truly seamless they 3D-printed key parts in collaboration with i3DMFG, and brought together old and new techniques. This is the bike redefined.

Rosa que te quiero rosa. Sophie’s Zunow

A rare bird, is a Zunow. We’ve only seen one before on the pages of Cycle EXIF — plumed with characteristically garish paint — but this example is the real

Imprimiendo con ruedas

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Kit Bike por Lucid Design

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Una bicicleta eléctrica hecha totalmente de madera

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Personalmente no me convencen ni las bicicletas con motor ni eléctricas pero en este caso me pareció genial el diseño de la bicicleta. Visto en Taxi

Vanhawks Valour (en inglés)

The first connected bike featuring performance tracking, security sensors & interactive feedback to radically change the way you ride. ›Kickstarter › Visto en