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Pedalear en inviernos duros: ¿Un buen plan o es una locura? (En inglés)

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Winter cycling tips 1. Dress in layers «You need some padded, insulated gloves, a good warm hat, good warm socks to keep the extremities of the body warm. And one

How-To: Train the Most Important Core Muscles for Cycling

Your bulging quads and razor-cut calves are the envy of your cycling pack, and you start every ride strong. As the ride progresses, though, your hips seesaw in the saddle,

Un proyecto en Londres para refugiados. Bikes to the Rescue for London Refugees.

London upcycling program The Bike Project can save a family of refugees over 1,000 pounds per year Jason Brick The best solutions solve two or more problems while making a

Campaña para peatones y ciclistas. En inglés

Beginning this week, you may notice billboards advertising the Go Human campaign. Go Human is a community outreach and advertising campaign with the goals of reducing traffic collisions in Southern

Cicloencuentro II, CABA-Argentina. 8 de agosto de 2015

Desde Buenos Aires, la Red de Ciclistas Urbanos convoca al 2° Cicloencuentro “Poder ciclista. Derecho a pedalear. Pacificación vial” a realizarse el sábado 8 de agosto a las 15 hs.

Aprender a vivir sin coche. (En inglés)

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Our love affair with the car has turned into a relationship of dependence, shaping our lives and our cities. But what if our lives would be better without automobiles? Anik

Thousand Bike Helmet

Maybe you’ll wear the Thousand Bike Helmet, if you don’t like your current one. Thousand describes the design as “Vintage Moto Meets Modern Minimalist” and that about sums it up.

Infografía: Mujeres y pedaleo

Last year, 45 million U.S. women rode a bicycle. This infographic, based on our U.S. Bicycling Participation Study, shares some of the most interesting and relevant findings about the current

¿Cómo elegir tu zapatilla para MTB?

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Enlace patrocinado La práctica del Mountain Bike es una de las modalidades más apasionantes y exigentes del ciclismo. Los retos que nos presentan las rutas, los cambios de climas, temperaturas