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We Are Traffic (1999 – 50min) dir. Ted White
Director’s website: ›
Documentary about Critical Mass rides, covers philosophy and history of Critical Mass from its beginnings in 1992 in San Francisco. Very cool film.
Available on DVD (as of 05/05) together with Return of the Scorcher from:

Return of the Scorcher (1992 – 30min) dir. Ted White
Director’s website:›
Documentary about bicycle culture and use around the world.
Available on DVD (as of 05/05) together with We Are Traffic from:

Velorution (1996 – 27min) dir. C. Phred Churchill, Bruce Petschek
Subtitled: One City’s Solution to the Automobile.
IMDB: › When the USSR collapsed, Cuba lost 80% of their oil supply. This movie documents how they bought 1.2 million bicycles, switched 5 bus factories to bicycle manufacturing, educated riders on how to ride, changed the city of Havana to accommodate bikes, posted bicycle signs, did job swaps to reduce length of commutes and in the process created more human interaction and community.
DVD-R or VHS available for $30.00 (postpaid) from Seven Generations Video –
phone: (617) 876-9430 email: [email protected]
mail: Seven Generations Video 44B Sacramento St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Pedal (2000 – 56min) dir. Peter Sutherland
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Publisher: Powerhouse Books
Excellent documentary about bicycle messengers in NYC. Has finally been released (May 2006) as a companion to a book of photographs. This is one of the coolest films I’ve ever seen – on any subject. Lots of interviews, lots of footage of riding in the streets, much of that being shot from a skateboard. DVD includes 17 minutes of extra scenes. Also a trailer and Japanese subtitles. Music score is by the Bronx Monx. (IMDB lists date as 2001, copyright date onscreen at end of film is 2000, DVD disc label says copyright 2006 – this is when it was first released on DVD).

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