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For the ultimate in Eco-friendly mobile coffee, look no further that Coffee Latino’s Coffee Bike, Exclusive to Coffee Latino is the fantastic Mobile Coffee Trike. You’ll find zero carbon foot prints here, just freshly roasted Italian coffee.

Just like the other vehicles we have on offer the trike comes with the complete package to set up your very own mobile coffee business. But there are some fantastic differences and bonuses with this exclusive ride…

* Requires No Insurance
* No MOT
* No Road Tax
* Is about as Eco-friendly as you can get
* Zero Carbon Emissions
* Easy Access to Pedestrian Zones
* Will reach places other Coffee Carts can only dream of
* The Mahoghany we source comes from certified sutanstainable forests
* It is Totally 100% Unique and Exclusive to Coffee Latino

The possibilities don’t just end there. You can use one of these trikes sell Ice Cream, Smoothies, Flowers or anything else you may have in mind. They really are a head turner!

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