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Velo exposición en Bourdeaux.

Aviso para los miles de bourdeauxianos que siguen a diario este blog:

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Velo: Bicycle Culture and Design Book

Edited by R. Klanten / S. Ehmann and published by Gestalten.

Velo introduces a wild bunch of passionate cyclists – frame builders, urban planners, artists, photographers, and those who ride professionally – who are making an impact. They are not only shaping styles, but promoting cycling as a primary form of transport. The book also explores the aesthetic of today’s cycling culture and presents custom-made frames and art bikes as well as a selection of contemporary illustration and design influenced by the cycling movement. Geared toward anyone who has a personal or professional interest in cycling, Velo is the fast lane into a current topic that is both entertaining and socially relevant.

For more information please visit Gestalten

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Vélo = bici, en francés.

Vistas en el muy recomendable blog de Brenton Salo, donde hay muy buenas fotos del mundillo fixie en Portland.

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TCHIC BOUM BOUM vélo sound system

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